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The most untuched tribe-Yalimo

The Yali is one of the 7 tribes who is living in middle highland of the West-Papua. They are living the place surrounded by the Herbal medicines plants  on the peak/summit of the Elit mountain ranges. If you are researcher, just contact us!

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If you are interested in Flora especially medincine plants,  Yali region is the place!  The region of Yali (Elelim and Apahapsili), geographically  1390 15’ to 1390 30’ eastern longitude and from 40 00 to 40 20’ southern longitude 800 height from the sea level. To reach this area you only need to bring your shoes, camera and the sun blocks but also mosquitoes repellent. I recommend you , here are so many kinds of medince plants. One of them is Mucana Nephtenses and Mucana guinenses, Grammethopyllum Papuanus, Dendrobium spectilabe, and many more. These two plants are used to cure ears problem, but also for Malaria desase.


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